My Global Citizen website is essentially an on-line book version of the notes I made when researching and learning about SDGs.  My purpose for the website is to communicate this knowledge to you in an organized and easily understood fashion.

This website promotes the upcoming Sustainability Development Goals by informing people of the background and their present discussions on their development. The past MDGs with the civil sector, the past work of the United Nations and the Global Compact with the business sector, and the international groundswell of Sustainability movements are all being folded into these new SDGs.

Be prepared to discover that for every book or soothsayer proclaiming doom and gloom, and every book on how our businesses should include transparency and an emphasis on stakeholders , there are currently projects that are addressing these issues and insuring that we are living in times where a Sustainable Society is possible. Let this website help you discover these exciting actions by NGOs and grassroots organizations as they work together to attain these Sustainability Development Goals.

Thank you for joining me! 

David Kimball