Focus 17: Ecosystems and Biodiversity


Humans are fundamentally dependent on the capacity of ecosystems for life and to provide services for their well-being and societal development. Relevant areas that could be considered include:

  1. protecting threatened species and halting loss of biodiversity;

  2. stopping poaching and trafficking of endangered species;

  3. maintaining the genetic diversity of both farmed species and their wild relatives;

  4. ensuring fair and equitable sharing of the benefits from the utilization of genetic resources;

  5. promoting sustainable forest management;

  6. slowing, halting and reversing deforestation and conversion of forests to crop lands;

  7. restoring degraded forest ecosystems and increasing area of protected forests;

  8. supporting measures to protect mountain ecosystems;

  9. achieving a land-degradation-neutral world;

  10. ensuring inclusion of indigenous and local communities in decision making and in sharing of benefits derived from conservation and sustainable use of forests and other cultural and natural assets;

  11. promoting and protecting traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples;

  12. developing and using evidence based, high quality, timely, disaggregated data and methodology for evaluating progress; and

  13. appropriate means of implementation*.

The above was taken from the United Nations Sustainability web site:

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