Focus 4: Education


Everyone has a right to education. Achieving universal access to quality education is critical to poverty eradication across generations, opens up lifelong opportunities, promotes gender equality and women's empowerment, shapes cultures, values and creates a skilled labour force. Some areas that could be considered include:

  1. universal, free primary and secondary education for girls and boys;

  2. ensuring equitable access to education at all levels with focus on the most marginalized, including indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, persons living in rural areas, and migrants;

  3. achieving high completion rates at all levels of education for both girls and boys;

  4. providing universal early childhood education;

  5. ensuring effective learning outcomes at all levels and imparting knowledge and skills that match the demands of the labour market, including through vocational training and skills development for youth;

  6. universal adult literacy and lifelong learning opportunities for all;

  7. integrating sustainable development in education curricula, including awareness raising on how culture advances sustainable development; and

  8. appropriate means of implementation*.

The above was taken from the United Nations Sustainability web site:

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