Focus 9: Industrialization


Structural transformation through sustainable industrial development is a key driver of growth in productivity, employment creation and improvement of living standards, fostering economic diversification and technological upgrading. Some areas that could be considered include:

  1. ensuring adequate policy space for industrial development;

  2. advancing sustainable industrial development based on energy- and resource-efficient and environmentally sound industrial processes, including phase out of harmful chemicals, waste and pollution, minimizing material use and maximizing material recovery, with technology cooperation and transfer to support such development;

  3. strengthening institutions that support industrial production, technological upgrading and value addition;

  4. investment in sound infrastructure;

  5. strengthening productive capacities, with particular reference to industrial sectors;

  6. creation of decent industrial sector jobs;

  7. encouraging industrial entrepreneurship and enterprise formation;

  8. enhancing science and math, engineering and technical skills;

  9. ensuring favourable market access for industrial products and processed commodities of developing countries;

  10. re-industrialization and retro-fitting of industry as relevant;

  11. promoting new industries that supply goods and services for low-income consumers as well as environmentally sustainable products and services; and

  12. appropriate means of implementation*.

The above was taken from the United Nations Sustainability web site:

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