Focus 10: Infrastructure


Efficient, productive and globally competitive economies require well-functioning infrastructure. Infrastructure design and development should aim to promote human well-being, productive capacity, efficiency, and environmental protection. In this regard, some areas that could be considered include:

  1. provision of infrastructure for access to modern energy services, as well as provision of reliable and sustainable transport and communications, including road and rail links, ports and ICT connectivity;

  2. due account for environmental and social impacts of existing and planned infrastructure from a lifecycle perspective;

  3. improving water supply systems, developing irrigation and water harvesting and storage infrastructure for agriculture, and developing sewerage and wastewater treatment;

  4. proper use of urban space and related infrastructure planning;

  5. improvement of infrastructure necessary for sustainable tourism;

  6. addressing trans-border infrastructure needs for trade and related challenges facing developing countries;

  7. accessibility to persons with disabilities;

  8. planning and building resilient infrastructure including for disaster risk reduction; and

  9. appropriate means of implementation*.

The above was taken from the United Nations Sustainability web site:


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